Welcome to Ellen's Creations ~ Where handmade is our Passion!

About Ellen

Hello to my fellow handmade lovers!!
I "Ellen" am the creator of the items that you will see through out my website of which I hope you will visit often and spread the word about the creations you see to your friends and family.
I have been crafting for 30 years now and while I don't consider myself the "best" I do however Enjoy and Love each and every creation with all of it's imperfections (as there is always at least one when it is made by hand, as us humans aren't perfect) I do promise that LOVE is the biggest ingredient in each creation.
As you will see, I create:
Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor, Bath/Body Products,
Novelty Items, Holiday themed items and so much more.
I am always learning new styles, techniques and designs in an effort to always expand what I do and offer on my site. 
Each and every week I add new creations!!
From time to time I DO purchase
the occasional "small items" pallet which usually contains household items, novelty/gift items, clothing, books, movies
and I always provide the items I find at a great price,
which you will find in the "Other Stuff" section 
Thank you for visiting my website 
and remember...
Shopping small business like mine
helps me provide for my family and is greatly appreciated!!